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For the past 25 years, I have been a volunteer at many charitable events for some wonderful non-profit organizations. Since I know they can use all of the help they can get, you will find a listing below of as many as I can find that are related to 9/11 or to the charities for which I am volunteering. I hope you will be able to attend as many as possible and have a great time while helping out alot of people. I have met so many terrific people through these kinds of parties and galas. I wouldn't trade the experiences for anything!

Please feel free to let me know of any that you think might be good for this list and to contact me if you would like to list these events on your own website. Since I am located in New York, I would especially like to list events from my own area. Perhaps I will see you there!

HONOR AND - This organization's goal is to establish a tangible national symbol of gratitude, as a visible public reminder to all Americans, that perpetually recognizes all military lives lost in defense of our national freedoms. Excellent website, excellent flag design, excellent concept of honoring our fallen heroes from ALL wars, past and present, with a nationally recognized flag personalized with their name. It creates a very real way for the family to know that the sacrifices made are not forgotten. Check out their website or their Facebook page.

CYSTIC FIBROSIS FOUNDATION - They have chapters all over the country. Go to their website to find the one closest to you. For the Manhattan, New York chapter, go here and click on the 2010 Calendar of Events button. They have some wonderful events coming up.

LEUKEMIA and LYMPHOMA SOCIETY - They will be looking for help with their Light the Night walk-a-thons, which start in the fall, aside from other events that take place year-round. Go to their website to find the chapter closest to you. For the New York City office, click here.

THE BRIDAL GARDEN - This is a wonderful charitable enterprise run by a friend of mine, Ms. Geraldine Brower. It is New York City's only not-for-profit bridal boutique, showcasing stunning designer and couture wedding gowns and accessories at up to 75% off retail prices! If you are getting married, they have so many fabulous pieces that I am sure you will find the gown of your dreams! The Bridal Garden




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